Play PS2 Games on PS3 Thanks to Sony Patent, Backwards Compatibility

PS2 on PS3

Q. What do these things have in common? God of War, God of War 2 and Final Fantasy X. A. They’re all games made for the PS2 and not playable on the PS3 unless you have a Backwards Compatible (BC) PS3. Those PS3’s include the original 60gb PS3’s (hardware emulation chip) and the original 80gb PS3 (software emulation).

Sony has recently filed for a new patent that could make those backwards compatibility issues a thing of the past. Submitted back in December of 2008, this patent would allow the PS3’s Cell chip to translate code from the PS2’s Emotion Engine. What does this mean for you? Well, since Sony is against commenting on rumors, this could be several possibilities.

1. This patent could be for the new PS3 slims that has also been rumored to hit store shelves soon.

2. PS2 discs could be played flawlessly on any model PS3.

3. Only PS2 titles available on the PlayStation Store would be playable thanks to the patent.

So while there are many speculations, know that Sony IS working on some sort of PS2 emulation. In the meantime, keep your eyes open for any PS2 discounts that are PS3 worthy. Did I mention God of War yet?


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