PlayStation 3 40GB can Play PS2 Games – Rumor


The folks over at maxconsole uncovered a video claiming to play PS2 games using their 40GB PS3 in Factory mode.  Not sure what exactly “Factory Mode” means, but I’m sure the credibility will surface.  Although the video looks legit, it could be just a 60GB PS3, since there is no clear evidence that it’s the 40GB PS3.  What do you think?

Via maxconsole

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4 responses to “PlayStation 3 40GB can Play PS2 Games – Rumor”

  1. ray l. says:

    i know this to be true cause i have a 40 gig ps3 and the oldest game i still play on it is snk vs capcom (ps2) . y is this so hard to belive? it was the first gen ps3 to release with that was built to play ps2 games. but on the other hand my ps3 is crome from the front driver (where the cd goes). this ps3 looks like a 60 gig.they r grey matted in color from the driver, and the playstation 3 logo…. like the one in this video. so i think it is a 60 gig . hints y the playstion 2 logo was so quick on the screen. remember …. sony used an emulator to save money.

  2. rays wrong says:

    This is probly fake cus that is a 40GB ps3 wiv the gray cd cover its the 60GB which has the chrome cover..

  3. Hmm…I do think 40GB PS3s had backwards
    compatibility. Limited, is all.

  4. Juan Perez says:

    @ Carlos, that’s the first time I heard this. As I understood it, only the 60gb and first gen 80gb were Backwards Compatible, with Metal Gear Solid edition also.

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