[UPDATE] PlayStation 3 Tops Wii in Japan Hardware Sales


[NUMBERS UPDATED] In a stunning turn of events, these preliminary Japan Hardware Sales numbers see Sony’s PSP and PS3 top the handheld and console market respectively. The PS3 finally topped the Nintendo Wii for the top spot in hardware sales in Japan.  The release of Yakuza 3 boosted the sales of Sony’s PS3.  Many see the Japanese market as the key trend to US sales, so can this jump in hardware sales mean something?  It’s not looking good for Xbox 360 fans in Japan, as next weeks release of Resident Evil 5 may boost sales a bit higher for the PS3 even though the game will be released on both the 360 and PS3.

Let’s not forget the PSP sales number of 42k 35.5k.  Many though the PSP was dead, but this spike shows the handheld is still an important gaming tool for gamers on the go.  I know with the announcement of LBP, MotorStorm, and Assasins Creed coming to PSP, sales will only be higher for Sony.

Platform Sales
DSi 35,827
PSP 35,588
Wii 17,876
Xbox 360 11,795
DS Lite 11,774


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  1. […] reported from PerezStart, the recent release of popular game Yakuza 3 helped to boost sales for Sony as they had a console […]

  2. Kezins says:

    I predicted 2009 would be the year of the PS3 and it’s coming true. North American sales will also swing this way I think.

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