PlayStation Move is Sony’s Newest Motion Sensitive Controller

PlayStation Move

It’s not edible. Nor is it a microphone.  This Ice Cream looking device is Sony’s latest Motion-sensitive Controller called The PlayStation Move and it’s going to amaze you.  Releasing this Fall, the PlayStation Move will sell as either a standalone controller, bundled with the PlayStation Eye or with a PS3.  No price yet…

For those questioning the device, understand that this Motion Controller is different compared to the Nintendo Wii-mote.  While the PlayStation Move does feature the main controller with a sphere attached to the end and a nunchuck sidekick, they are both wireless.  The PlayStation Move will also charge it’s battery via usb cable like the Dualshock Sixaxis PS3 controller does now.

Move Buttons: The PS3 classic buttons are all on the face of the controller.  The Move also has a home button and a trigger on the backside which makes it look like an advanced karaoke mic.  The nunchuck also has the similar buttons including a d-pad.

Move Colors: Those colors you see are made to be used in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye.  The Move will generate a color that is not detected in the room thus allowing the PlayStation Home to communicate with it more accurately.

Move Wireless: As I mentioned above, there are two controllers.  The main controller with a strap and the nunchuck that goes in your off hand.  Using both Move controllers is made more for Move games.  Best of all, both controllers can be charged with the usb cable and do not require batteries.

Move Games: Right now, the Move was demo’d for some games including Table Tennis; shooter and fighting games.  Also making news is PlayStation Move supported The Shoot a new light gun shooter game from Sony.

As we get closer to the projected Fall release date, we’ll be sure to get details regarding price, supported games etc.  For now, know that the PS3 joins the Wii with their own Motion sensitive controller.  Wait, wasn’t the Sixaxis supposed to be motion controlled…

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