PlayStation Store Update, July 31st Edition

Do you love PlayStation Trophies?  Well then get out there you rookie!  The very addictive ‘PixelJunk Eden’ has joined the PSN today for $9.99.  It’s the first game to support trophies at its release.  And don’t forget that you can upload your in-game footage to Youtube.  Grab your “Grimp” and get swingin’.

Also in this weeks PSN update, ‘Facebreakers’ will have you reaching for Neosporin.  Check out the rest of the list below:

Playable content

  • PixelJunk Eden full game ($9.99)

Add-on content

  • Soul Calibur IV “Customization Equipment” pack 1 ($1.50)
  • Rock Band DLC
    • “They Say” – Scars on Broadway ($2)
    • “This is it” – Staind ($2)
    • “Electric Crown” – Testament ($2)
    • “Yomp” – The New No 2 ($1)


  • LEGO Indiana Jones demo (free)
  • Facebreaker demo (free)
  • Madden 09 demo (free)

Game Videos

  • The Last Guy trailer
  • Vampire Rain Altered Species trailer 3
  • Beijing 2008 “track” trailer
  • Beijing 2008 “swimming” trailer
  • Bionic Commando Rearmed Making of – part 2
  • AST Dew Tour – BMX Progression trailer
  • AST Dew Tour – BMX Rewind trailer
  • AST Dew Tour – FMX Unleashed
  • AST Dew Tour – Skate Highlights

PS3 Wallpapers and Themes

  • Killzone 2 theme
  • 2x PixelJunk Eden themes
  • 2x Siren Blood Curse wallpapers
  • 2x Soul Calibur IV wallpapers
  • Street Fighter IV Summer 2008 wallpaper

Game Music

  • 17x Sould Calibur IV tracks ($0.99 individually, $14.99 as a set)

Via PlayStation.Blog

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