Playstation Store Update, May 22nd

No playable demos this week. There’s a couple of videos worth checking out and Siren is one of them. Siren is going to be a downloadable episodic adventure available through the PSN. Here’s a snipet of all the ‘honorable mentions’.

Add-on content

* Rock Band DLC (posted after the break)
* PixelJunk Monsters music album ($2.99)


* Siren: Blood Curse Trailer
* GRID Trailer
* Battlefield: Bad Company “Find All Five – Support Kit” video
* Battlefield: Bad Company “Find All Five – Recon Kit” video
* Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway “Wasn’t Supposed to Happen” video
* The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Trailer
* Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Launch Trailer
* Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Team Play Behind the Scenes Video
* National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets Blu-ray trailer
* Untraceable Blu-ray trailer
* First Sunday Blu-ray trailer

Themes and Wallpapers

* High Velocity Bowling theme
* Graffiti theme

Rock Band content

* “Beetlebum” – Blur (Cover, $1.99)
* “Hier Kommt Alex” – Die Toten Hosen ($1.99)
* “Countdown to Insanity” – H-BlockX ($1.99)
* “Perfekte Welle” – Juli ($1.99)
* “Manu Chao” – Les Wampas ($1.99)
* “Hysteria” – Muse ($1.99)
* “Rock N Roll Star” – Oasis ($1.99)
* “New Wave” – Pleymo ($1.99)
* “Monsoon” – Tokio Hotel ($1.99)

Via Ps3Fanboy

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  1. anybody here know of a good site to find more info on Playstation Store? I’ve got this site bookmarked and im gonna keep checking it out, but i still would like to find a site that covers Playstation Store a little more thoroughly..thanks

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