Playstation Store Update, May 29th

Wow, two weeks in a row now, and nothing to take out your velcro wallets for. If you like spending your cash-money on every Rock Band add-on, then this week is no different for you. You might want to check out the video for “No Country For old Men”, great flick! See you kiddies next week.

Add-on Content

– Rock Band DLC:

* The Cars album ($15)
* “Good Times Roll” ($2)
* “My Best Friend’s Girl” ($2)
* “Just What I Needed” ($2)
* “I’m in Touch with Your World” ($2)
* “Don’t Cha Stop” ($2)
* “You’re All I’ve Got Tonight” ($2)
* “Bye Bye Love” ($2)
* “Moving in Stereo” ($2)
* “All Mixed Up” ($2)


* Top Spin 3 Debut Trailer
* Battlefield: Bad Company: Developer Diary – Characters
* Battlefield: Bad Company: Sweetwater’s Blog
* Dead Space Animated Comic Issue #1
* Project Origin Teaser
* Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Projectile Dysfunction
* Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Human Juicer Video
* Enchanted Blu-ray trailer
* No Country for Old Men Blu-ray trailer


* Prince of Persia Arabesque
* Prince of Persia New Prince

Via PS3Fanboy

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