Pre-Order Prototype; Receive Some Sweet Exclusives


Prototype is set to release next month, and Activision announced three different exclusive collectibles that you can grab from three different retailers.

Those of you who enjoy collecting figurines would be wise to hit GameStop to pre-order Prototype as they are offering a figure of Alex Mercer, the main character in Prototype.  Along with the figure, a 2-sided “Critical Hints Location Map / Poster” will be included as another pre-order bonus.  Folks who pre-order from GameCrazy will received a limited edition art book which focuses on Alex Mercer’s character, shape-shifting abilities, and weapons.  It also includes information on the enemies, other characters, and the locations in the game.  And finally, for those of you who refuse to make contact with the outside world, Amazon is offering a limited edition comic of Prototype from Wild Storm.

What pre-order bonus are you looking forward to? I personally would love to get my hands on the Alex Mercer figurine, even though I make it a point to not give any business to GameStop.  I guess I need to make an exception this time if I want to get that sweet figure.

Check out some pics of the figure & comic after the break

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