Preview: Medal of Honor (Beta)

Medal of Honor

Before I get started, please keep in mind that this game is still in beta and any/all aspects could change in the future. I was pretty eager to try the Medal of Honor multiplayer beta as pictures and videos showed it to be an interesting mix of the Modern Warfare and Battlefield series. I’ve read online from gamers (who probably haven’t played this beta) state it’s “just like Modern Warfare” or “just like Battlefield”. They are wrong and right to be honest. The game feels and plays like a good hybrid of each game but actually and successfully stands on its own.

Keeping the Battlefield bloodline going, they are three different classes to choose each with their own specific weapons/upgrades and unlock tree. They are your Rifleman, Spec Ops, and Sniper classes. Rifleman is your general ground foot soldier with assault weapons and grenade launcher. Spec Ops is your guy taking out tanks or large groups of enemies with their RPG’s. Snipers are pretty self explanatory and come packed with C4. As stated earlier, each has their own unlock tree so the more you use one class, more weapons/upgrades become available to choose. You can switch to a different class after each death and any points earned for each class still apply at the end of the match.

Medal of Honor

As of right now, there are only two game modes available to play; Mission and Team Assault. Mission is very reminiscent of Battlefield which has players defending and capturing bases. There is only one map to play which is a massive desert/valley area consisting of many hills and buildings to take cover. As for Team Assault, it’s your basic Team Deathmatch but moves much faster than Battlefield and closer to Modern Warfare’s speed. There is, again, only one map available to play which is a half ruined city containing many elevated areas and buildings to hide. This map isn’t as massive but does keep you constantly moving.勇攀高峰水上冲关

Overall, the beta of Medal of Honor multiplayer is pretty fun. It has some nice features like being able to drop a Mortar/Missile/Rocket Strike or UAV depending on your killstreak regarding of class. With more online game modes and features hopefully added, I can see this going head to head with Modern Warfare 2. I am reminded of some Modern Warfare and Battlefield quirks here and there but I’m very eager to see how the final product turns out. As it stands right now, this could very well be a day one purchase and well worth your money.

Coming October 12, 2010 to both the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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