PS2 Hits coming to the Playstation Store?

This week looks to be a very hot week for Playstation news as another screenshot surfaces.  We already have seen PSone games hit the PSN, but with the news of PS2 games hitting the store this can be BIG NEWS!  I, for one, am an original PS3 60gb owner.  While the news of PS2 titles arriving to the PS3 is nice, I can bet that I own most of the titles they will release PLUS have it on disc which is playable on my PS3.  So, for you 20gb, 40gb, and some games on the 80gb PS3’s it looks like you’ll finally be able to play God of War I and God of War II.  Until it’s confirmed it’s just a rumor!  So why not spread it like wild fire!

So far I can see Red faction, MGS2, Fantavision, Smuggler’s Run and SSX and maybe Ridge Racer V.

Thanks for the tip PS3Fanboy!

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2 responses to “PS2 Hits coming to the Playstation Store?”

  1. web design says:

    Will it work with my 40GB PS3?

  2. Juan Perez says:

    Sure, as long as you only play the good games! Sucky games will break your PS3.

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