5 responses to “PS3 Firmware 3.41 Is Now LIVE, Go Get It!”

  1. ghyde

    first off the update took nowhere near 15 mins…and yess the ability to preview some games has been around before this update… i too am also on cable internet

  2. Waldo

    so the update is basically useless I have over 90 games from the psn I doubt there something I may like that I dont have. And yea the update was super fast actually it didnt even take 15 minutes for me I was watching a movie so I know only about 5 minutes passed.

  3. Tony

    Yeah, the update took me 5 mins with my “DSL jerks” internet. First time on this website and will be the last with stupid comments like that.

  4. matt

    i totally agree with thw above poster! the person who posted this shouldnt have the right to refer to people like that! there is alot of people on dsl and am sure they wud also appreciate an apology! but other than that this update is crap no difference that av seen and they only listen to wat people want for in the blog and the simple stuff by the looks….not alot of the updates that people have given ideas for have been on firmware updates

  5. Robert

    update took me 5 min!

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