PS3 Review: Killzone 2


Fearing the color Orange is just another reason why Killzone 2 is just plain and simple, Awesome!

Like most modern FPS shooters, there are two parts in this game. In order to give a proper and well rounded review, I’ll break this review into two: single player and online multi-player.

Single Player Experience:

kz2_056Killzone 2’s graphics from the opening sequence is amazing. The plot sets you as an Interplanetary Strategic Alliance (ISA) veteran, named Tomas “Sev” Sevchenko. Your mission is to capture the leader of the Helghast, Scolar Visari and bring an end to his army. Many aspects of the gameplay are similar to other FPS such as Call of Duty, Resistance, and Gears of War. Your health is monitored by the amount of blood splattered on the screen. With time, you will recuperate your health and the blood will disappear. The running mechanics of the game are one of the best I’ve seen from an FPS. When running, you will see the screen focus in a bit on your player and your peripheral vision will show a slight blur resembling the real thing. At least, when I run that is.

Killzone 2’s assistance marker should be an industry standard. Many First Person Shooters lack the sense of direction due to all the chaos on the war field. Pressing “up” on the d-pad gives you an updated “where to” marker which makes for following through and completing your objective. Nice touch.

psday08_01Point and shoot, hmm not really. During the single player campaign, I noticed that my aim was an issue. So I buckled down and concentrated on every pull of the trigger I made. I still couldn’t control most weapons, as the kickback sprayed my bullets all around my target. Plus, these Helghast are some tough skinned Rhinos. On some Helghast, I’ve emptied out my entire clip only to see them rise and counterattack. I’ll mention below how the aiming has improved with Guerrilla’s update.

Squadmates are one fry short of a happy meal. As much as Guerrilla Games worked on the team AI, they always seem like they didn’t know what they should be doing. During the many fire fights throughout the game, your teammate(s) always seem to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Because of that, you often need to hold their hand throughout the campaign. I can’t help but feel this game would absolutely shine if a co-op feature were included. There isn’t a moment in Killzone 2 that there isn’t someone there to support you, so why not substitute the dumb AI for a dumb person through PlayStation Network?

MultiPlayer Experience:

kz2_045Enter The “Warzone”. Multi-player combat in Killzone 2, post patch, is wonderful. You can have up to 32 players on a map, with 7 classes and the ability to roam the Helghan terrain in 4 player squads. Many FPS gamers always have problems playing other First Person Shooters due to the controls. Most times, the controls vary and are cumbersome. Killzone 2’s controls allow the user to change the controls to a “very close” resemblance of the Call of Duty series (Alternate 2 controls). A decision I thought was a good one. I mentioned “post patch” earlier, and I’d like to discuss the noticeable updates. Complaints early on, were mainly based on the sensitivity behind the aiming. Well, after the patch I’ve noticed that the online gameplay has improved thanks to the “extra” sensitivity.  Another aspect of multi-player I really enjoyed, was the obvious, but helpful, colors used to identify your opponents.  The Helgahst display orange eyes (sorry, I don’t see them as red), and the ISA display a blue light on their chest armor.  This makes for easy aim ex. point at the glowing orange eyes and shoot!

Gametypes A-Plenty. As much as I enjoyed other FPS titles’ online multi-player, there’s just something about Killzone 2’s that keeps me coming back for more. Being able to play a single online multi-player game that has a number of objectives during the battle is something that keeps the battles fresh.  It also allows an even playing field for both sides as one team who can dominate in the Search & Destroy mode, might not be so good at Bodycount.

Badges? You Will Need These Stinkin Badges! Equipping you player with up to two badges gives you the ability the customize your character as you please.  For example, you can select an engineer badge, which allows you to setup sentry turrets or choose a medic badge which can be used to revive other team members before they are killed.  There’s a difference of being killed and mortally wounded, you can only be revived from the latter.  Remember, since you can choose up to two badges you can also combine them and become what every Killzone 2 player chooses, a medic engineer.  Best of both worlds, I’d say.

Symphonic Music
Multi-player maps
Orange eyes vs Blue spots

Auto-saves freeze for a second
No Co-op

Killzone 2 will be a “game of the year” candidate, no doubt. There’s no denying that many hours have went into the development, and it shows. The game has gone as far as to impact my experience while on the road. Before when I was in traffic, I’d see red-orange brake lights. After Killzone 2, I see thousands of Helghasts! Thanks Guerrilla Games!


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Readers Comments (4)

  1. I agree with the “where to” marker, I’m one to always get disoriented and not know how to regain focus in some of the more chaotic scenes. Just push up on the d-pad and you can gain some sense of direction. Guess Guerilla Games finally read my improvement requests…LOL

  2. I played the demo, and unfortunately i have to disagree with the 9/10… Too many FPS game these days follow similar formats. Can’t really aim well, and as you said, actually hitting a target is harder than in most games. I had a similar experience playing Resistance and Resistance 2. I guess I’m just too much of a call of Duty buff to try to understand differently.

  3. I could care less about a “where to” marker honestly. From the time I have spent with K2 (which is only a few hours so far), I’d have to say the graphics are great, the movement is a little weird and I’m not a huge fan of how hard it is to aim your weapon. It’s not the hardest aiming ever, but it’s not very realistic.

    @erodz85: I actually had no problem aiming with Resistance.. Killzone 2 just has awful aiming and weird movement to it. The graphics and environments are superior though. In the end, I’d still take Halo 3 over this. I see myself playing a bit of Killzone 2, but not as much as I expected…

  4. I saw BB playing this , has a halo-esque feel so I may give it a try!

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