PS3 Review: LEGO Batman

I’m the type of gamer who used to burn every bush, and place a bomb on every rock in The Legend of Zelda. You see, my goal was to uncover all there was to Zelda and know there wasn’t a stone unturned. Zelda stage left, in come all that can be created with LEGO pieces, LEGO Batman developed by Traveller’s Tales. The relationship between Zelda and LEGO Batman are the secrets that could be. I love how the LEGO franchise can take a Blockbuster Action Movie, make em into LEGO toys, add a comedic twist and stir in a plot, not shaken. In LEGO Batman nearly EVERYTHING is breakable. The plants, the light fixtures and the barrels crumble into LEGO pieces which once you collect enough transforms you into a ‘Super Hero’.

Challenging yet fun. I know what you’re thinking. “A LEGO game can’t be THAT challenging”. Guess again, LEGO Batman at some points of the game will stump you. You won’t have to search the ‘internets’ or purchase a guide book, unless you want every mini-kit and want to complete the game 100%. The typical enemies are an easy victim for Batman or Robin. Personally, I switch to Robin every chance I have to give the side-kick some well deserved recognition. But that’s just me.

badguysCut-scenes keep it clean and funny. I got a good chuckle on nearly all cut-scenes. They tend to add a nice and airy gaming experience with a touch of laughter. Although LEGO Batman is not a reproduction of the movie or TV series, it’s an original plot that you will not predict. One thing that you may or may not notice, is the lack of dialogue. Or should I say there is none. But there’s enough of on the screen to keep you entertained.

Gameplay is intuitive. I’ve played many-a-game to know when the developers leave you wondering “What should I do next?” LEGO Batman although linear, assists you with clever hints that help you progress in the game. For example, at many times of the game you will have to put the in-game LEGO pieces together to create stairs or a bridge. The hint to build these objects will be pieces bouncing off the floor, letting you know “build me”.

Co-Play is Co-K. (I tried to rhyme that, bad attempt.) Anywho, LEGO Batman’s Co-play is necessary to succeed. You’ll need to swap between Batman & Robin throughout the entire “Good Guy” part of the game. I’ll explain the “Good Guy” vs “Bad Guy” story later on. Each player has the ability to get their “perk” through a “costume portal” specific for Batman and Robin.

legobatjumpGotham Gameplay Goes Gold. (Yes, my new record of four continuous “G” words in a row.) Unlike LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Indiana Jones, putting LEGO pieces is so much nicer now. In the past, as you were putting LEGO pieces together, if you were attacked by an enemy during your assembly of LEGO pieces your creation would stop and all the pieces were unassembled and the whole process had to be done again. Now, even if you’re attacked or you would like to stop to attack, the pieces that you’ve assembled stay assembled. Good riddance old LEGO ways!

Story Mode for the “Good” and “Bad” guy. Just like previous LEGO games, LEGO Batman also allows you to play as the villain. I have to say, I found it more fun playing as a “Bad Guy” than the boring “Good Guy” Batman. Bring on The Joker, Penguin, Mr. Freeze and Catwoman. Don’t forget to enter Free Play as a villain, who may just be the right character to unlock all the goodies.

– Funny storyline
– Full Batman cast
– 2-player co-op
– Putting LEGO pieces together
– Detailed characters, buildings
– “Bad Guys” story mode

– No saving during gameplay
– Glitches
– Camera angles
– Bosses were easy

Available on X360, PS3, Wii, DS, PS2, PSP and PC LEGO Batman is on every gaming system, that’s got to mean something, right? Many gamers think LEGO Batman is a childish game. To that I say, which game isn’t? LEGO Batman combines great action, funny story-lines, and easy to learn gameplay. For those wondering, I’ve loved the previous LEGO series, (i.e LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Indiana Jones) so I’ve been pleasantly brainwashed and my love for LEGO Batman continues this run. Remember the type of game LEGO Batman is supposed to be and I’m sure you will like it. You might even buy the previous LEGO series…


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