PS3 Review: MK vs DC Universe

The mixture of two different worlds into one gory fighting game made Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe one hell of a fighting game.  Flash vs Lui Kang, ‘nough said!

I’m sure many fans of the Mortal Kombat series weren’t sure how “their” MK fighters would get involved with the softer genre of fighters with the DC Universe crew, but Midway found a way… and I’m glad they did.  I’ve played nearly all the Mortal Kombat games, since they first originated in arcades back in 1992.  As Midway progressed so did the MK franchise from versus fighter, to action-adventure to story line and versus multiplayer fighter.  We too were once fans of a previous fighting marriage of Marvel vs. Capcom, but there’s something sweeter about MK vs. DC Universe.  For starters, they went with the thinner lankier Joker; the best representation of any Joker mind you.  Here’s the story below:

“After Shao Kahn’s invasion of Earthrealm is defeated by Raiden’s forces of light, Raiden destroys Kahn by blasting him through a portal. At the same time on Earth, Superman is seen stopping an Apokoliptian invasion led by Darkseid by blasting the Apokoliptian god as he enters a Boom tube. These acts do not destroy either of them, but merges them into Dark Kahn, and causes the DC and Mortal Kombat universes to merge.”

Good guys vs Bad guys split this Universe. You would think Batman against The Joker and Scorpion fighting Sub-zero would be the main setting in a game named Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, but you’d be wrong, partially.  For the sake of each camp (MK and DC) those who were you’re enemy are now your friends so you’ll see Kane assisting Sonya Blade and Jax battle against the DC cast in the MK Story mode.  And what is they’re mission?  Defeating Dark Kahn and ending the mind control.

Virtually NO load time. I usually name my categories with a clever or quirky title, but I want to stress how good MK vs DC load times were.  As a matter of fact, I don’t recall seeing any until I went looking for “the load bar”.  Only when I lost a battle in story mode, did I notice that a very quick screensaver is shown as your match is loaded in the background.  Now, I will mention that MK vs DC will install on your PS3, but the 1gb install is nothing compared to other games.  Did I mention there’s very little load time?  Seriously, I can’t get over how great the load time is, it seems like all games now take longer to load even with faster consoles than yesteryears, not MK vs DC.

Multiplayer? nah. Versus? nope. Story mode? Winner! The clear cut winner of this game is the single player story mode.  When you choose story mode, you’re given the opportunity to play 1 of 3 choices.  Mortal Kombat story, DC Universe story or a mixture of both.  I also felt that the acting was superb and the voiceover was on par for MK and above average for the DC Universe since they were voiceless entering this game.  Now, one aspect of Story Mode which I didn’t like was the limit of NO Fatalities at the conclusion of the match.  I guess it keeps the story line more realistic, but what’s a Mortal Kombat game without Fatalities?  For those who are a hardcore versus-fighting player, MK vs DC is just ok for your online needs.  Unless you plan to have your ass handed to you, stay fighting those with lower rankings.  You’ll thank me later.  I also have to mention I do appreciate the automatic loss for an opponent if he drops out (sore loser) and the fact that it displays that in the profile.

Tearing clothes and bouncing boobs make for great detail. Some great features I noticed right away were the detailed graphics during the cutscenes and the smooth transition into the fight gameplay.  What I really loved were the battle scars during a fight, i.e. if your character is beat up enough he will show bruising and/or deterioration of his/her clothes.  Also, in between rounds the loser of the previous round will show his frustration by smashing his hands on the ground before getting up and beginning the next.  I’ll admit, that sort of pumps you up but I then realized I wasn’t REALLY fighting, oh well, adrenaline was flowing nonetheless.

The Good
– No noticeable load time
– Story mode
– Character injuries / clothes damage
– Transistion of cutscenes to battle
– Unlockables

The Bad
– Fatalities toned down
– Limited MK roster (where’s Reptile?)
– Inconsistent AI

With the promise from Midway of future DLC and some rumblings of new characters i.e. * Aquaman (from DC Comics), Goro (from Mortal Kombat), Johnny Cage (from Mortal Kombat) and Robin (from DC Comics) we’re only that much more excited to play MortalKombat vs DC Universe once they’re released.


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