5 responses to “PS3 Review: MLB ’09 : The Show”

  1. mzitt11

    The online play is awesome. I also love how the game updates when real life trades happen.

  2. Qrey-zee

    I love the review. I have a tough time with baseball games. Once i get used to the pitching timing and batting the game gets a little boring to me. The scores look like football blow-outs. I hardly ever have a hard time with defense. If you can’t get that then baseball is not for you. Like you mrjuandrful i know a lot about baseball but not everything. You just helped in my decision to get it. Nice!!!!

  3. Qrey-zee

    LOL. That’s funny. Ask erodz85 he is my witness on watching me play baseball games.

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    […] look so reallll. I quoted Sammy Sosa’s High Heat baseball for my MLB ‘09 The Show review, and this year I’ll do the same.  The graphics are by far the best for any baseball […]

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