PS3 Review: Resistance 2

Nathan Hale picks up where he left off, killing those ugly Chimera this time in the good ol’ US of A.

There was a reason why Resistance: Fall of Man was the biggest selling PS3 launch game. OK, I’ll give you the point that it was the ONLY worthwhile launch game, but those who played Resistance would tell you different. Resistance 2 is visually more stunning and the opening graphics prove the capable power of the PS3. And Sony says that the PS3 is not even close to running at it’s fullest potential, I think Resistance 2 does a pretty damn good job at testing that.

A more talkative Nathan Hale this time around. One of the additions to Resistance 2 is also a big subtraction from Resistance: Fall of Man. Yes, Nathan Hale no longer being a mute is a good thing for Resistance 2, but I preferred the quiet mysterious Hale from RFoM. If I did have to tag him with a personality, I’d go where Insominiac Games went, well done.  No jokes, all business.  The narrator from Resistance 1, Rachel Parker, is absent from Resistance 2. I guess she’s still defending Europe, and didn’t have her passport.

Weapons are hot. Resistance 2 has given up their weapon wheel, (where you would select your weapon from inventory using the d-pad), with the more mainstream 2-weapon choice. I know many disagree that not following their previous weapon selection method was a bad decision, but I agree with the change. How many weapons can a person carry on them realistically? Although Resistance 2 is no where near basing their gameplay off “realness”, the idea of carrying a primary and a secondary weapon is more believable.
Four custom save slots for weapons, can have those Resistance 1 players match the controls they’re used to. I personally changed my controls to mimic Call of Duty. With so many First Person Shooters, I’m glad Resistance 2 incorporated this feature.

Kill me once, shame on you. Kill me twice… uh, shame on you, again? The enemies in Resistance 2 are made up of the same Hybrids from the first game. But you do have some new foes that literally scared the crap out of me (Chameleon, cloaked Maulers), and others who if you don’t enter the water you’re safe (Furies, aquatic Chimera). Also, you’ll find Grims, Berserk group of Chimera and Ravagers, hulking Chimera that emit energy shields. The bosses in R2 are bigger, in particular the Leviathan takes up the entire landscape of Chicago. Fighting him, reminded me of Luke Skywalker vs. the Rancor in SW: Return of the Jedi only 10 times bigger. Shooting a couple missiles into his mouth via the LAARK before he swallows you whole is the only way to defeat him.

Co-op is Resistance 2’s bread and butter. Let me remind you just how big Resistance 2’s multiplayer can get. Up to 60 players can fill up a multiplayer map and 8 online co-op players can play together in familiar locations; 2 players offline. Within the multiplayer you can select one of the 4 modes including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Core Control (Team CTF), and Skirmish (War or Confrontation). I particularly liked the online co-op. To play with 7 other players, kicking some Chimerian ass while attaining some PS3 Trophies was very cool. Co-op mode has 3 classes to choose from; Medic, Soldier and Special Ops. Gameplay strategies are needed here, since health regeneration isn’t available, only a Medic can restore health. Although reviving a friend is possible with any class, only the aforementioned Medic will revive you the quickest. The Soldier is the fierce strong attack player who can shield those within his vicinity, and the Special Ops is the sniper who also throws ammo packs to the other players. Make sure you have at least one of each in your party!

Attention!!! to Detail. One specific detail of the game that needs mentioning, is the main menu (’press start’ screen). If you’ve played the Campaign mode take a look at Nathan Hale’s character as you progress in the story.  HINT: He’ll change as you progress. While we’re on the subject of detail, you’ll notice that even facial enhancement is another plus for R2.

The Good
– 60 online multiplayer
– 8 player co-op
– Massive detailed maps
– Variety of weapons
– Nathan Hale has a personality
– PS3 Trophies are LIVE

The Bad
– Multiplayer menu a bit confusing to navigate
– ‘Join party’ does not join game, if friend is in game
– Moderate AI (enemies have a ‘if x, then y’ intelligence)
– Enemies will always focus more on you than your fellow NPC
– Lack of Narrator

Fans of Resistance 1 will love to know that Resistance 2 picks up right where they left Nathan Hale.  Joining the long list of FPS’s, Resistance 2 will rank among the top.  Many will find the main factor of R2 will be it’s multiplayer, but I loved the story (campaign) and primarily chose the 8 player co-op, no doubt!


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