PS3 Review: Singstar: Queen, Can You Sing “We Are the Champions”?


OK, so are you ready for some for Karaoke fun? Yeah I thought so, from the creators of the Singstar series the geniuses over at Sony have done it again. Their latest release features the unique voice of none other then Freddy Mercury in Queen.  Everyone knows at least one Queen song or another, there are 25 chart topping songs and music videos by rock legend Queen featured on the disc. Here are a couple of my favorites  that make up the playlist: “Don’t Stop Me Now”, “I Want to Break Free”, “Fat Bottomed Girls”, “Another One Bites the Dusk”, “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions”.

Trying to imitate Freddy Mercury is no easy task which means… multiple hours of laughing your behinds off at your friends attempting this difficult task! There are only 25 songs in all but hopefully we can all look forward to Singstar to add more Queen songs through the Singstar store.


From the get go this latest Singstar release captivated me with the voice command technology. No controller needed here my friends. Instead you select your track through voice command using your microphone. I mean yeah sure I must sound funny to my neighbors yelling “go left”, “go right” and “select” but come on no controller required! On the other hand your PS3 controller must be connected to your PS3 at all times or you will be interrupted upon disconnection, a bit annoying.

Being a child of the 80’s and remembering the good old days when MTV actually played music videos this is a great feature to this game. While “attempting” to sing I Want To Break Free I was constantly distracted by the video playing in the background. Just to give you a small preview the video features a Freddy Mercury dressed like a woman vacuuming…very odd.


Similar to the other Singstar games this version makes you sing in tune (no easy task) while the video plays in the background. The battle part of the game is pretty fun as you can battle with a second player singing different sections of the song. The more in tune you are the more points you score, or you can just sing a duet with the person you love for a combined score.

Here is a list of all the SingStar Queen tracks via youtube video:

1. Queen – A King of Magic
2. Queen – Another One Bites the Dust
3. Queen – Bicycle Race
4. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
5. Queen – Breakthru
6. Queen – Crazy Little Thing Called Love
7. Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now
8. Queen – Fat Bottomed Girls
9. Queen – Hammer to Fall
10. Queen – I Want It All
11. Queen – I Want to Break Free
12. Queen – Innuendo
13. Queen – Killer Queen
14. Queen – One Vision
15. Queen – Play the Game
16. Queen – Radio Ga Ga
17. Queen – Somebody to Love
18. Queen – The Show Must Go On
19. Queen – These Are the Days of Our Lives
20. Queen – Tie Your Mother Down
21. Queen – Under Pressure
22. Queen – We Are The Champions
23. Queen – We Will Rock You
24. Queen – Who Wants to Live Forever
25. Queen – You’re My Best Friend

Bottom line, this game is fun for all ages and at a economical cost of just $29.99 this game is just to hard to pass up .  Most may find reaching Freddy Mercury’s vocal range very difficult  but,  if you love Queen music nothing else will matter.


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  1. Nice write-up. Does it come with a mustache or just the buck teeth?

  2. @mrjuandrful a little bit of both!

  3. Can’t wait to sing Fat Bottomed Girls with the Family!

  4. can’t wait to sing fat bottomed girls with the one I love!

  5. ooooh that is economical! I would buy it just to hear BB sing “Bicycle”

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