PS3 Review: Skate 2

In a perfect skateboarding world, why can’t every street be downhill?


PUBLISHER: Electronic Arts
GENRE(S): Extreme Sports
RELEASE DATE: January 21, 2009
RATING: 8.5/10

Many aspects of Skating in real life never seem to be as exciting as a video games makes it.  If I even attempted one move in real life as I tried in Skate 2, let’s just say this review would have been a video cast instead.

skate2-handstandIn Skate 2, you begin as a tough nosed punk who has been released from jail.  As you enter the free life, your bud who is overly cool, tries to get you back in skateboarding shape and make the next cover.  How ’bout a haircut, books, and a clean pair of undergarments so he can get an education?  The controls of Skate 2 are a bit different from previous skateboarding games I’ve played in the past.  For one, Tony Hawk was a staple when it came to skateboarding video games, so it was risky for EA to develop a NEW control scheme with Skate 2.  So let’s get into that.  Most of your moves are done using the right analog stick flicking them in certain directions.  Several control features, which are new to the series, include moving various objects and getting off the board to run up stairs.  Previously, this option of not being able to use your “feet” was a nuisance.  Adding this feature is key, and once you play you’ll see why.

Skate 2 has reset points, but not what you’re thinking.  These “Markers” within your Cell Phone menu can be placed during anytime and help reset your position/location of your character to retry a specific objective or challenge.  Although I found this tool very useful, the button location of L1+up, would not have been my ideal choice.  L2 and R2 are board grabs, and I’ve popped the me Cell Phone up a bunch of times while trying to pop off a trick.  Like I mentioned before, since this is a big roaming map, EA has decided to put “teleport” options to certain challenges, campaigns, etc to allow for faster traveling, since pushing off the board can hurt the meniscus after a while.

skate2-reelThere are two single player games Free Skate and Campaign mode where you simply skate around looking for obstacles to jump over, grind with, and handstand on but in campaign mode you’re progressions gains you money and a step closer to being the best around.  Cue the Karate Kid music!  Hall of Meat is an ongoing feature of the game, where the point is to cause as much bodily injury as possible.  Smashing your face into a mint green Buick skylark  with a convertible top or crashing though the window in the Sack-O-Suds convenience store (Note: One or Both of these items may or may not appear during gameplay)

Camera angles and cut-scenes are entertaining.  It’s got that gritty-like surroundings appearance.  The most realistic in any Skater game I’ve played.  The conversations and scenarios resemble everyday talk by skaters that add to the realism.  Although, putting the controller down for a few minutes can get annoying because of the constant nagging.  Do they have to try and sound soo cool?

Many parks forbid skateboarders from even walking through with their boards in hand and in the game, Mongo Security TRY to enforce that.  During Campaign mode you’ll notice them on your map icon, careful when skating in front of them as they’ll chase you until they MAKE you get off.

Online Multiplayer is pretty cool too.  You’ll gather with other Skate 2 players, and compete in various missions, ie. S-K-A-T-E a Horse like game where one person sets the trick and others mimic it.  Some others make will set a score and all players together will try to accrue that point amount within a time limit.

Markers allow for easily re-trying missions
Open world San Vanelona, many great skating locations
Customizing your character
Ability to walk/jump
Move It! – benches, dumpsters if its not nailed down you can move it

Controls can get confusing
Minor visual glitches

Coming from several versions of skateboarding games like EPYX’s California Games, EA’s Skate or Die! and Neversoft’s Tony Hawk, I can say this generation of EA’s Skate 2 holds up to those titles and even surpasses many of them. Unless you’re a gamer who like your skateboarding games in 2D, you’ll enjoy Skate 2… just please, *DO NOT TRY THESE TRICKS AT HOME!  What’s good insurance if you’re not Skating.

Check out what others are saying:

Metacritic – 84/100

TestFreaks – 9.4/10

IGN – 8.3/100

*Trying these trick at home refers to playing this title and not grinding on real railings.  If you are a person who does what people say… grow a mullet and audition for next season’s Differn’t Strokes!

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