PS3 Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Claws Out


Most Games based off movies fail. But oddly, Raven Software’s adaptation of X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a bit MORE entertaining than the movie. The understanding of the movie will help but not necessary since the game “tries” to explain the history of Logan aka Wolverine. The Main Menu of the game shows you a submerged Wolverine with tubes connected twitching and in obvious pain. But the story of the legendary comic book character awaits you, so “Press Start”!

Regenerative Health finally makes sense. Many games adore the regenerative health system, but it just never seemed right to me.  If you’re shot in Gears of War 2 or Call of Duty your health should actually degenerate.  Trickling out of your body until your demise.  But that wouldn’t be fun now would it?  Making a game featuring mutants makes sense for regenerative health.  In X-Men Origins, Wolverine can take some serious hits to his health bar.  With idle time, that health will increase due to his mutant powers.

Use all your senses including Feral senses. The most useful ingredient in this game is simple, press up on the d-pad to see the world through Wolverine’s Feral Senses.  Not only will you discover paths of the game you may have missed in regular mode, Feral senses also show you different ways to kill enemies by tossing them on top of a spike sticking up from the ground.  In feral mode the active objects you need to pay attention to will appear in green, with danger items like gas barrels will show red.  If you’re ever stuck and not sure where to go, Feral senses will also guide you in the direction you should be heading.  Since this game does not come with an on-screen map (which I surprisingly enjoyed, the feral senses will assist with directions.

wolverine_0124Leaving a mark. One of the cooler aspects of the game is the physical damage Wolverine endures.  Claws made up of indestructible adamantium (fancy word for hardened liquid metal) your character’s flesh on the other hand does takes a beating.  Watching some parts where Wolverine’s shirt is torn and you can see exposed flesh made the game appropriately graphic. But with the combination of regenerative health his skin grows right back to unscathed proportions.

Attack from every angle. Ok, so you know Wolverine is equipped with those claws made for destruction, right?  Then I’ll be happy to tell you destruction is what you’ll receive in this game.  Resembling a mixture of God of War (hack n slash), Uncharted (3rd Person fighting) and Syphon Filter (Stealth) it’s a blend that fits the character based off the movies.  Wolverine’s attacks are vicious and entertaining to watch.  Lunging at the enemies was my attack of choice which allowed you to attack from far and pounce on your enemy.  Until I learned how to “quick kill”.  “Quick Kill” performed by pressing (circle, triangle then triangle once again once your claws flash) would eliminate low level soldiers instantly.


Glitches worth mentioning. Let me first say, while I enjoyed playing this game I also couldn’t ignore how many glitches I noticed and one in particular prevented me from passing the level.  Jumping on ledges that show Wolverine hanging in mid-air can be dealt with.  But on the 5th Level there was a part of the game that required you to jump onto ropes hanging next to a suspended crate.  Sounds innocent.  The problem is, THERE WERE NO ROPES.  After spending close to an hour wondering if I missed something I (against my gaming will) turned to an X-Men Origins Walkthrough.  I then read, “Enter through the door way and use the ropes to move forward.”  So, since I’ve seen Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade I jumped into thin air, only to see myself hanging from “NOTHING”, no rope, nada.  Ghost Rope!  Very frustrating and random since it did not happen the second time I played the level to re-verify the glitch.  This should have been caught by QA.

Upgrade your Wolverine. After each awesome kill you will get XP which gathers in a green bar under your health which shows up when you collect XP.  Once you fill up the green bar, you level up and your then given points that you can use to upgrade some of your stats which include; health, claws strength, rage etc.  Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt, and by discovering and collecting dog tags you’ll gain extra experience you can use to upgrade your skills.  Collect them all and you’ll be rewarded with a PS3 Trophy.

wolverine_0094Boss battles end with button mashing. God of War’s most notable battles ended in a ‘Simon’ type pattern where you would press the correct buttons on screen in sequence to defeat the boss.  X-Men Origins used some of that but made you battle the bosses until his health meter reached empty, then would show you a button to press repeatedly to finish them off.

Opening and ending scene graphics
Numerous attack methods
Variety of enemies
Wolverine’s ferocious dismemberment methods

Frame rate issues
Glitchy programming
Camera angles, difficult to see
Cut-scene graphics throughout story

Bottom Line – Wolverine will hold up against other hack n slash action-adventure games. I feel that any game that follows the footsteps of the God of War series has a chance to succeed (except Sonic Unleashed) If you enjoyed the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine, surprisingly this game will be a better bang for your buck. If X-Men can patch all the glitches, this game would be highly recommended. But for now, it’s just a “good” game.


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  1. I like this game but i dont know if it is good for children too. It have to many crimes scene.

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