PS3 Slim Officially Announced; Original PS3 To Receive Price Cut [Update]

PS3 Slim Announcement

It looks like all of the rumors that were revolving around the internet came true today. Sony has officially announced the PS3 Slim.

The new PS3 slim will be available the first week of September and is going to retail for a ground-breaking $299.  The PS3 Slim will come with a 120GB hard drive, but it will be 33% smaller, 36% lighter, and has 34% less power consumption than it’s heavier counterpart, which I’m calling the PS3 Phat.

As for the original PS3’s price cut, Sony did not go into details as to how much the PS3 Phat will retail for, but we’ll be sure to report it as soon as the info is released.

[Update: We can confirm that the 80GB Playstation 3 will retail for $299, and the 160GB Playstation 3 for $399.]

[Update 2: Added an image gallery with pics of the PS3 Slim]

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