PS3 TiVo – PlayStation’s PlayTV delayed by codecs

An incorrect July launch for Sony’s PlayStation 3 PlayTV service mooted by Amazon earlier this week has now been shifted to later in 2008.  It seems that HD problems have caused the launch to be delayed.

In case you’ve never heard of PlayTV, I’ve included a description of what it’s all about here:

Officially announced August 22, 2007; PlayTV is a twin-channel DVB-T tuner peripheral with digital video recorder (DVR) software which allows users to record television programs to the PlayStation 3 hard drive for later viewing.

Wi-Fi connectivity with a PSP allows for portable viewing of live or recorded television programming. Recorded programs can be transcoded and transferred via USB to the PSP for viewing programs on the go. The software features a 7-day electronic program guide for utilizing the DVR features.

The product will not record TV using DRM meaning the programs will be copyable to any USB or storage device connected to the PS3. The device however does have one major limitation, this being that you are unable to record TV while playing a game on your PS3, however Sony are currently working on adding this feature in whether this be present at release or added at a future date.

PlayTV supports subtitles (DVB-subtitles), which is used primarily by the Scandinavian markets

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