‘Amy’ New Survival Horror Title Coming To PSN

If you’re into survival horror games, you may find Paul Cuisset’s upcoming game ‘Amy’ a PSN must. Many Zombie games cast a protagonist against flesh eating Zombies, but ‘Amy’ is finally breaking that mold.

The time is December 2034 and global warming is in full effect spreading disease and causing natural disasters. You play as Lana, who just regained conscious after a comet struck the quaint Silver City. Lana is infected with the ravenous disease that has infected everyone else around her. The difference is the disease has not fully matured. Here’s where Amy comes in. Along with med packs found throughout Silver City, staying close to Amy stops the contamination and also reverts the disease.

More importantly, Amy possesses several special abilities. By pressing R1, you can hold her hand. This enables you to heal, but also lets you feel Amy’s heartbeat through the rumble of the DualShock 3, which lets you feel her stress level while you explore dangerous locations. This might be very useful, even if holding her hand slows you down.

Similar to “Shaun of the Dead” you can decoy the Zombies by using the disease to your advantage. Try walking slowly and the infected will overlook you. You can also lure the Zombies into a puddle of water where you can then electrocute them.

Look out for ‘Amy’ this summer hitting the PlayStation Network. No word on price.

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