27 responses to “Caption Contest: Uncharted 2 Beta Code giveaway…”

  1. ILL AL

    These white folks need to just “swap spit”, not “DROP SPIT!” Eww!

  2. darthmazza

    “This white dude gets to feel his girlfriend up while I think I just grabbed two horses penises.”

  3. cooties

    Guys…your pee is burning my skin!

  4. gratisgamer

    Eww…your mouth was open!

  5. hussain

    black guy: Stop it you make the hourses Lust at me !!

  6. Joey

    What are those humans doing there…?

  7. gz47q

    Hey sweetie, wanna go for a ride ;-)

  8. e45

    the priest looked on disapointed as there was no young boys at the wedding

  9. Ziggy

    Black guy: Ignore the extremely white water around me, that is completely normal!

  10. Simple

    Yeah Boy, hope my clock is water resistant!

  11. covertshinobi

    Flava flav is hunting for a new girl.

  12. Tim

    Upon being told by a South African local that England have no chance of winning the 2010 World Cup, an England fan goes to desperate lengths to prove that pigs do fly and horses can actually swim.

  13. erodz85

    “Don’t worry about where i put my hand, baby… Worry about what Kunta Kinte is doin with his down below…”

  14. mez

    Black guy: “you work on the girl…..while I… work on the horses ;).”

  15. Kamil

    The two horses:
    Where the hell did the desert go?

  16. Kamil

    Black Guy:
    awwww, my horse drowned! :'(

  17. carabao

    “You act like you’ve never seen two white people kissing in the middle of the sea before”

  18. pepsi

    Honey Moon Wit Cha Boy Flava Flaaaav!!!!!

  19. Michael Blackburn

    “Just when you thought it was safe to go black in the water.”

  20. q74zg

    Some people sleep with each other. The black man wants to sleep with the fishes.

  21. quizling

    “yo, i got you a horse, i got you in the sea, i got you a girl to kiss, now give me the beta code!”

  22. zee

    Black guy: “I hope they both fall down and kiss my black ass!”

  23. captain_rainbow

    Tall, dark, and handsome…Yeah, you got it! Welcome to the stable!

  24. jomocpa

    Black guy: Ahhhhhhh! I’ve been holding that in for hours. (bubbles) Oh, excuse me. (followed by a toothless grin)

  25. erodz85

    That wasn’t funny

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