Official: Marvel vs Capcom 2 Coming to Xbox Live and PSN


We reported last week the ticker teaser circulating the re-release of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 hitting both XBox Live and PlayStation Network.  Well thanks to Marvel breaking the embargo with Capcom, we now have official word that it IS indeed true.  And to hold you cross breeding fighter game lovers back, there’s a trailer below for Marvel vs. Capcom 2:  New Age of Heroes.

MvC2 will be ported over from the Dreamcast version and not the PS2. It will feature all 56 players from the get go.  No unlocking characters necessary.  Online modes will be available, including Ranked Matches and the Quarter Matches that allows two players to fight and four players to watch. Announced is a PSN demo heading to the PS store on April 30th.  No demo for the X360 was announced.  We’ll keep you posted with the official date for the X360. So far, Capcom has kept their word true, saying PlayStation games would be coming to the PSN.

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    Another great reason to get on xbox live.

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