7 responses to “PSN Outage and When Will It Be Back Up.”

  1. 5-star

    check out http://www.5starb1tch.co.uk and find out why psn is down

  2. Jacob

    BRAKING NEWS I just heard that anonymous was not to blame for this tragic psn down it was actually a 19 year old boy hacking around and for some reason psn shut down their own system networking and now all their doing is updating their internet with beter software updates this is all I know but one thing that is stuping me is I have heard that psn will be down for 1-2 days 1 week 2 weeks 1month and 2 months any one know the truth????????????????????????? PLEASE REPLY

  3. Jacob

    PLEASE HIT ME BACK UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

  4. Weaponsguy

    PSN has been down for more than two days now and im starting to think that its gonna be a wee bit longer than said time. im so pissed because i cant play BLACK OPS.

  5. Alberto

    this is no cool who ever hacked the psn has no life just ruined everyones brake….

  6. simon
  7. Damien

    You can too play black ops try Campaign, Solo zombies??@Weaponsguy

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