Review: Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Pull back and let em fly.  The popular mobile game has made it’s debut on the PSN and it’s as much fun as the smartphone release.  Backstory is simple.  It seems that while the birds were distracted by the destruction of a mosquito, the king of the green swine and his crew stole the birds’ eggs to fulfill little piggy fantasies of fried and poached eggs.  The gameplay is easy enough for grandma to pickup yet fun to keep you playing through 195 levels and 7 golden egg levels.  Feather Flinging your way through those nasty pigs all while trying to destroy their structures.  I never really understood why Pigs would want to mess with Birds eggs in the first place, but alas… “Kill the Pig, cut his throat, spill his blood” all for $3.99 on the PSN Store”!

Fowl Catapult. Angry Birds premise is pretty simple.  You’re given a certain amount of birds which you need to launch in the direction of the pigs hiding out within buildings made from wood, ice and steel.  As you fling the birds, you gain points as you knock the pigs off.  The birds also leave a trace of where they were shot and allow you to adjust depending on where they landed. Score multiple points for destroying 2 pigs or more with one bird.  The objective is to complete each level by using less than or equal to the birds you’re supplied.  Do it with less than they give you and you’ll receive bonus points for each remaining bird.

Attack of the Birds. You start off with a basic “red” flying bird.  But as you advance through each level, a new bird will be revealed.  The “yellow” bird allows you to press “X” while in flight for an extra oomph into the structure.  Tap “X” while the “blue bird” is in flight and it splits into three separate birds.  “Black” birds act as bombs, press “X” and they’ll explode at your command.  Managing your birds are a key part of successfully completing each level, but a refresher in physics will get you far.

Graphics only a mother-bird can love. While Angry Birds is loads of fun, the port as a PSP / PS3 Mini was below my expectation.  Visuals look like an iPhone game stretched out on my living room widescreen TV.  Not only did it glitch if too much was happening on my screen, but the edges were far from smooth.  I felt this game should have been overhauled especially since it’s making it’s console debut.  The audio is not that great either.  Sounds resembled a tin can acoustic.

Final Thought: For a PS Mini game without Trophies, and sub-par graphics and sound I still managed to enjoy Angry Birds. The price tag for this PS Mini game, $3.99, will bring hours of fun.  If you’ve never tried Angry Birds, now’s the time to check it out.  It’s a game you can dabble on for 15 minutes or a couple hours.  That mainly depends on your level of OCD.


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