Review: Fast Draw Showdown

Fast Draw Showdown allows you to draw your weapon like a pro. If you’ve even wanted to know what it woad like back in the Old West you could play Red Dead Redemption. We did and we loved it. But there was an element I wish RDR would have focused on a bit more — Cowboy Duels. Every kid reenacts that legendary showdown, where “Ready… Draw” is yelled making a gesture for your holster and removing your revolver. And that’s where Fast Draw Showdown makes that into reality using the PlayStation Move, or should I say, virtual reality.

Background. Back in 1994 a company known for live-action action games featuring laserdiscs as their media created Fast Draw Showdown. That company was Digital Leisure. Developing other live-actions games was part of their resume including Mad Dog McCree and Who Shot Johnny Rock. Skip 17 years later and a rebirth of Fast Draw Showdown has been made.

Nostalgia. The gritty graphics even made their way into the game. You can say purposely since it’s the original footage but it works well with this shooter. Heck even the women in the cutscenes have a 90s appeal to them. No arguments here, I like that overly done red lipstick look.

PS Move.  The PlayStation Eye and Move are mandatory to play this game.  So if you don’t have them, get them first.  When you first start up FDS, you’re asked to calibrate your PS Move with an on-screen calibration menu. Once that’s out of the way, you can navigate by shooting your way through.  I found the menu’s to be a bit cumbersome.  At the end of each round, you must shoot the on-screen menu to advance to your next opponent.  Automating this step would have saved precious time instead of trying to hone my aiming on a simple “next” button.

Characters.  Wes Flowers leads the pack of memorable characters from the original and is a real ball buster.  He’s your guide through different opponents and your referee if you draw your gun earlier than you should.  The cast from the 90’s kept their charm.  As you progress throughout the game, you’ll encounter a slew of varmants looking for a good challenge.  Whether your up against 3 brothers or Sultry Selena all have a quick impression of you before the draw.  Take them out as fast as possible to win.

Shootah.  The main objective of FDS is to draw your weapon, shoot and kill your opponent quicker than he or she can.  I mention kill, because not every shot that lands is a kill.  Your best bet is a headshot following with bodyshots and extremeties.

Final Thought.  Fast Draw Showdown is a fun game that can get a bit repetitive.  Local multiplayer is very simple based on a who can shoot first method.  Online Multiplayer would have made this game an instant purchase.  But in staying true to this review, your playing a 90’s game in 2011 and while it’s fun you will find this game on your shelf quicker than later.  If you like shooting dynamic targets, Fast Draw Showdown will be a fun game you can enjoy.  But know it’s limits and you’ll have fun.


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