Review: Trine


After numerous delays and disappointed people, myself included, Trine finally launched on the PSN but does it deliver? In one word: yes. Simply put, Trine is a 2-D side scrolling RPG/Action adventure in a 3-D environment. Throw in a mix of secret treasures, upgrades, and some interesting teamwork and you have yourself quite a downloadable game. Coming in at a steep $20, the price may turn off some people but don’t let the price deter you.

Trine (PSN)Trine’s story isn’t heavy but rather simple in a good way. A thief, wizard, and warrior all become transported into a new world and must work together to find a way out. In between levels you are introduced to the game’s narrator who fills in some gaps with the story and gives some insight to each character. The three controllable characters do speak to each other briefly normally at the beginning and end of the levels and their interactions grow when they rely on one another to escape. And that’s where this game shines, the teamwork that must occur in order to conquer each level.

Whether you are playing a single or multiplayer game, you must use each character’s unique abilities to win. Each of the three classes start off with small, minor abilities but over time learn more and can be upgraded after leveling up. For example, the wizard can conjure a box that can be used as a stepping stone or to crush enemies, as you level up you can conjure up to 4 boxes when maxed out. The warrior is your main attacker as all his weapons and abilities are designed to handle the enemies. The thief (my personal favorite) is a balance of an attacker and supporter as she can attack with her bow and arrow and use her grappling hook to cross large gaps or avoid traps. The wizard is your supporting character as he is able to conjure bridges, boxes, and levitating steps and manipulate certain objects. Each character has their own benefits and mastering their skills is key to success.妙妙乐园


How and when you want to use each character is entirely up to you. With a quick press of either L1 or R1 you can toggle between the characters. Wizard created items are still present if you switch to the thief or warrior when you don’t want to press on as the wizard but just need his skills. An onslaught of enemies can be easily fought off with some quick thinking and use of your team. If one or two of the team members die, you are obviously unable to use them again until you reach a checkpoint. Here’s an early tip, don’t let the last person on your team be the wizard; just easier if it’s the thief or warrior to be your saving grace.

trine_screenshot_2009_03_thief_trineThere’s about 15 beautifully created stages to play through and each stage has its share of experience and secrets to collect. Experience is gained two ways: one through green vials located throughout the stage and the other way is through killing enemies. Each stage has its own cap for both collected and battled experience that is needed in order to level up and upgrade your characters. It takes 50 forms of experience to level up and your characters level up as the same time so it doesn’t matter who collects the experience. Almost all stages have two secret treasure chests that, when found, will enhance your characters through customizable equipment. Some equipment will give you more health or higher defense and who you want to give the gear to will be up to you. There is a limit to how many pieces of gear each character can wear so be weary when customizing.

Final Thought: Overall, Trine is a great purchase. The graphics are colorful and vibrant for a downloadable game. The enemies become repetitive since it’s mostly skeletons and bats but that can be overlooked. The teamwork aspect is really fun even playing alone but if you are playing with a friend, I’d advise using a mic. Replay value is increased if you are the kind of person who wants to go back and collect everything and beat it on higher difficulty levels. It’s also one of the few downloadable games to feature a platinum trophy if you are a trophy (ahem, whore) enthusiast. Trine may have been delayed over and over but better late than never.


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