8 responses to “PSN Is Down Today, “Maintenance” To Blame”

  1. lee bundock

    Sorry to be a pain but i thought it said for 4 hours lol its been a bit longer now like 10 hours any news on when its going to be up i need to play lol

  2. Daniel Perez

    When it comes to network down time, you should learn by now never to go by the exact time that is suggested the network will be down for. I would say keep yourself busy with another console (if you’ve got it) or just go outside and stare at some hot ladies for a bit.

  3. Fred

    I took off work so I could sleep in and veg out on some socom. Today I was all excited to see the socom patch. Download > install > no playstation network. This is gay.

  4. Samwize

    Umm, English time? GMT? Would help

  5. Texiwala

    When is the mantanicr going to be done for the ps store I can’t w8

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