PSN Is Down Today, “Maintenance” To Blame

PSN Maintenance

Yes, beginning at 8:00 AM PT (11:00 AM ET) today the PSN will be down for maintenance for four hours. You want to know why too?  Jeez, ok in lieu of the new 3.0 Firmware update, Sony will be preparing it’s network for the upgrade.  But there’s somewhat of good news that can come out of this.  If you’re logged in before-hand you will not be kicked off PSN and will continue to play online.  For those attempting to join online after 8 AM PT (11 AM ET), sorry… you won’t be able to play online games, download from store or anything else that requires you to login.

Also, you’ll be interested to know that this may be the last big PS Firmware update this year. Right Sony? Network operations director Eric Lempel said “You know, I wouldn’t say that or sure just yet because we are working on some things. But this is a big and significant update, so you would be correct to assume that [it’s the last major update for 2009].”

For those experiencing problems with Network store errors 80023102 read this post.  Many user’s have suggested a fix.

So there you have it, now read the caption below!

Nacho Libre


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8 responses to “PSN Is Down Today, “Maintenance” To Blame”

  1. lee bundock says:

    Sorry to be a pain but i thought it said for 4 hours lol its been a bit longer now like 10 hours any news on when its going to be up i need to play lol

  2. mrjuandrful says:

    @lee bundock
    Expect it to be down for another 2 hours from now (3pm EDT). What country are you in?

    Also, we’ll keep you posted here or you can follow PlayStations Twiiter page as well @

  3. Daniel Perez says:

    When it comes to network down time, you should learn by now never to go by the exact time that is suggested the network will be down for. I would say keep yourself busy with another console (if you’ve got it) or just go outside and stare at some hot ladies for a bit.

  4. Fred says:

    I took off work so I could sleep in and veg out on some socom. Today I was all excited to see the socom patch. Download > install > no playstation network. This is gay.

  5. Samwize says:

    Umm, English time? GMT? Would help

  6. mrjuandrful says:

    Should have come up by 7 PM GMT…

  7. mrjuandrful says:

    It is now up and you can login to PSN.

  8. Texiwala says:

    When is the mantanicr going to be done for the ps store I can’t w8

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