Red Dead Redemption Comparison Screenshots, 360 vs PS3

Red Dead Redemption

360 Version (Click to enlarge)

Red Dead Redemption

PS3 Version (Click to enlarge)

When you think a game is multi-platform you think there should be “no difference” between an Xbox 360 verion of a game compared to a PS3 version.  But more times than not, there will be a difference and Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption is the latest game to confirm that theory.  In the picture above you can clearly see the difference between John Marston in both shots.  To add, the background in the 360 shows more wheat in the field than the scarce PS3 desert pic.  Check out more comparison shots below; 360 will be top pic, PS3 will be bottom pic.

Gamers are reporting that Red Dead Redemption s running at different rates for the 360 vs the PS3. The 360 runs at 720p while the PS3 runs at 640p. And the lower resolution you see in the PS3 shots confirms the lower quality compared to the 360 screenshots. You guys be the judge…

Top screenshot is 360, Bottom screenshot is PS3


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