Red Faction: Guerrilla Multiplayer Demo; Get Bird F***ed May 21st

red-faction-guerrilla-mainLast month, THQ released a single-player demo for Red Faction: Guerrilla.  The demo was both short and sweet, but much shorter.  If you’ve been dying for some more Red Faction: Guerrilla action, THQ is about to make you a very happy boy.

A multiplayer demo is going to be made available on May 21st for both Xbox 360 & PS3 owners.  The multiplayer demo will include 2 different maps, 9 weapons, 5 backpacks, and 15 levels that can be unlocked through experience points.  The only gametype that will be playable is ‘Damage Control’.

If the multiplayer demo is anything like the multiplayer beta that was held last summer, then you’re all in for a real treat.

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