‘Resistance 2’ Beta Codes Come in 2 Waves

On October 16th, Resistance 2 Beta codes were sent out to a “Premiere” group.  Second wave coming next week.

The latest Resistance 2 news has left us kinda sad.  Why, you ask?  Cause we didn’t get our R2 Beta Codes.  So after some investigation I felt better.  I had a coke and a smile…  I read on blog.playstation that there are 2 waves of Beta code for Resistance 2.

Premeire Wave:
a Premiere wave which includes those that pre-ordered at GameStop, individuals who subscribed to QORE for one year and/or bought the episode featuring Resistance 2 and a recent contest from GamePro.com. Those of you in the Premiere wave should be receiving an email with a registration code between now and tomorrow afternoon.

2nd Wave & Europe:

A second wave is starting in the middle of next week, and you apply to be a part of it by going to beta.myresistance.net once the site goes live (later tonight). For those of you across the pond in Europe, the public beta will also begin next week.

Keep ya head up kid, There’s always Next Week!

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