Resistance 2: It Begins

A lot of non PS3 gamers have compared Gears of War to Resistance in hoping to create a battle for the best FPS for their appropriate system. Now everyone knows how successful Gears of War was but if you were an open minded, multi-platform owner you knew that Resistance was no poor man’s version of GOW.

Once Resistance 2 was announced, many following the original knew this would be another great exclusive game for the PS3 to market. Well here we are 1 + years later and now we’ll have Resistance 2 and Gears of War 2 head to head. This time, since the PS3 is slated to be “The Year of the PS3”, it should only mean more success for Resistance 2!

Resistance 2: With only 19 hours left to live, Nathan Hale begins his mission to protect what he knows. The chance to rid the world of chaos and abduction, his chance to Resist all which is evil!

System: PS3

Release Date: November 2008

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