Revamped PlayStation Network Store – April 17th


On April 17th we can all expect the NEW PSN to kick off. It was only a matter of time before Sony listened to us, The People Gamers, and reorganized the PlayStation Store. Now I hope they don’t take a page out of Xbox 360’s book, because the 360 fanboy’s would never let it die. Based on the screen above we can expect a very neat and proper placement.

During this long wait, there will be no new updates to the PlayStation Store. This means no new Pixel Junk Monsters maps – boohoo. Or an interview with Wyclef that I don’t think anyone downloaded anyway.

Look for me to be on ALL day on the 17th, as I will be checking every new crevice of the PSN and reporting here on home of (that sounded like a commercial) Screenname – mrjuandrful.

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