2 responses to “Review: Aliens vs. Predator”

  1. GameCriticsRDumb

    Rubbish…I give this review a 1/10. AVP has a learning curve higher than that of most FPS games with only one control scheme that’s all. You have to learn 3 separate control configs, one for each species. When playing, you will find that is almost more of a fighting game than an FPS, and it is most certainly better on the consoles. A controller, I would have to assume, is the preferred control mechanism. PC gamers should keep that in mind or you will just be dying with your fingers in a knot and wondering where all the guns are. If you play as an alien, you have to think and fight like an alien. Aliens don’t use guns, they use stealth, surprise, claws and speed. Predators use a variety of weapons combined with stealth. The environment is extremely important to all the species and needs to be used intelligently. It’s a fantastic game but it will be lost, as many truly great games are it seems, on FPS gamers looking for a mindless shooting gallery and a bunch of unlocks. Skill, timing and reflexes are required here if you plan to make a showing on the AVP leaderboards.

  2. Kyle

    Gamecritcs, I agree with you completly. Many Games that come out are of a generic genre and a proven formula. I can pop in a cody most first person shooters and play nearly the same game. Very little originality. AVP does have a learning curve, but once perfected, the game is impossible to set down. Killing someone has never been so satisfying…..

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