Review: Buzz! Quiz World

Buzz Quiz World

Mr. Buzz returns as the host of the popular Trivia game show that asks the question as you answer with the four colored buttons.  Returning for another season has to be rough for him, so you’ll be introduced to a behind the scenes of what it takes to prepare Mr Buzz for the show.  That’s ok, nothing a wig some trendy glasses or girdle can’t fix.

Questions are asked and you select one of the four colored buttons on your Buzz buzzers before the timer runs out.  Sounds easy, because it is. The main single player games consists of 6 rounds.  I especially enjoyed how you had the options to manage your question packs.  If you’ve downloaded any Buzz Quiz packs for the original game Buzz Quiz TV, you’ll be able to choose between including these questions for gameplay or leaving them out.

At the end of each standard game you will notice a new scrolling feature.  This scroll highlights which player had the fastest finger, most correct answers, most incorrect answers and most taunts are just to name a few. This makes the game that much more fun as you get to rub your win in your opponents face!

You will not be able to play this game without noticing the improved graphics available all the way up-to 1080p you will notice what the audience is wearing and the rotating main stage.

Going online and testing your trivia skills is fun.  Players who register on can create their own sets of questions and challenge others to answer them correctly.  Selecting a specific category down to South Park episodes are all possible.  My Buzz now has a minimum of 3 rounds of questions and after each round you can vote on the quality of questions ranging from 1 star to 4.  Find the questions incorrect or offensive? Report the question to have them reviewed/revoked. Also available this time around in the ability “voice chat” with other online players.  Another improvement is the ability for more than one player from the same “home” to play an online game together verse other online players.


Relentless Software made a strong effort to make you feel more like a contestant by customizing your own profile which includes a list of names to choose from.  For once names like “Juan” and “Melissa” can be heard in the hysterically annoying voice from Mr. Buzz himself when he calls on you.  You can choose one of twelve characters.  For you trophy hunters, if you select a female name and select a male character you’ll attain the “Cross Dresser” trophy.  To distinguish your buzzers, you’ll be able to customize the sound it makes, belch and tequila seem to be the most popular… see a connection?  For those who are “regulars” you’ll be able to save and load your profile for quick selecting your character and their options, saving you time and getting to the fun — as fast as possible. The game even remembers playing style and gaming habits. It will assign you quiz rounds based on what type of topics and what sort of rounds you chose in previous game play sessions.

Finally,  Journey’s classic hit made an appearance as the final round is called The Final Countdown.  Don’t know how many times we sang “Final Countdown” in the original Buzz so I’m glad the blended the songs beat as the background song.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. While this game is similar to it’s predecessor, Buzz Quiz TV, the improved graphics, online play and profile customization have to be mentioned as these are biggest upgrades to the series. One thing that hasn’t changed in the need to have some fast reflexes to out “buzz” your component. As a matter of fact for those of you that can’t remember, here is the Buzz Quiz TV review we here at Perezstart wrote.


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