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  1. Richard

    This game is rubbish Poorly animated rubbish weapons rubbish maps. You all must know how bad it is you have seen the trailers poorly animated explotions main character looks like a robot. I cant be bothered to explain why this game is rubbish but it is the worst COD game ever and it is embarssing the name COD.

  2. K

    You do know you have to be the host to use the “Leave with party” option, right? That might be your problem…

  3. K

    Hmm, never had a problem

  4. Brent Sokolowski (Perplexed)

    Ok, i almost agree with this whole article. But i have problems getting into games with my whole party.. Other wise that is the ONLY problem that i see in the game. If people complaine about not being able to play hardcore thats just sad, being able to level up beofre you can play certian game types or get guns and the new cod point system, is perfect because it gives players to try out Call of Duty like the old game (Call of duty 4) becasuse it is one of the balanced Call of Duty games EVER! Mw2 has too many perks and very un blanaced perks that make you pick certian perks or you are a “noob” there were way to many un nessacary attachments to guns in Mw2 such as the Heartbeat sensor. Now you could argue with that and say well what about the Flamethrower attachment for Black ops. No one really uses it in the online play because the range is reduced compared to WaW. Black ops took out stopping power so that players could pick the same old perks that were good but had no affect due to bullet dammge versing players with stopping power. i would say that this is the best Call of Duty since Call of Duty 4(: let me know what you think perplexed697@gamail.com

  5. Brent Sokolowski (Perplexed)

    Wow all i hear is rubbish.. Graphics dont make a game you should have realized that a long time ago if you are a real gamer.. You just call it “Rubbish” becuase you dont like how it looks and you sau the guns are bad and the maps but yet it is way more balanced then Mw2.

  6. Brent Sokolowski (Perplexed)

    Yea but it is not as effective as stopping power was but it still can be equaliy compared. (when pro’d out) And yea i played Mw2 for a while and i HATED how you could be shot with one burst in the foot by an M16 and die.. But they did fix that alot in Black ops. I just wonder why the claymores are instant blow up kind of like the bouncing bettys from WaW. i forgot to mention that the “Flack jacket” perk is too good. You can lay on a claymore and not die.. and survive from a symtex at your feet. But thats about it. For me i would deffinatly say a 9/10

  7. xXI Jenkins IXx

    @erodz85 Actually Hardened has nothing to do with Stopping Power at all. It takes the same amount of bullets with or without Hardened to kill some. All it is is Deep Impact (FMJ for you MW2 people) where it lets you shoot through objects that you are not normally allowed to. By taking out Stopping Power, it leveled the playing field to a more balanced state. It does help out compared to other CoD games, where literally one bullet would kill you in core (need i bring up the UMP with stopping power?).

    P.S. With recent patches they’ve updated the leave with party option, so now it will work. As far as needing to buy the same attachments for guns, the game clearly tells you that you will lose “EVERYTHING” you’ve unlocked. That capital letters in the Prestige Option you should be able to tell that the game really means everything. Great review, and i personally say the games multiplayer is a 10, balanced, great variety (maps, weapons, attachments, etc.),and all in all they listened to the community about it all. I believe Treyarch conquered IW with this one.

  8. xXI Jenkins IXx

    Yea i think i can agree with you on that. It is kinda a little wasteful to have to spend money for the same attachment in a weapon teir. I’m guessing thats just so that you have to be a little more of a smart buyer then a wasteful spender. I personally think the dot shapes are a waste of points. I change the color here and there of the dot and lens, but i find it harder to shoot an enemy at a great distance with a giant skull or smiley face in my lens. But what can we do? I mean its the only thing we really spend our points on anyways besides titles and emblems.

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