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  1. Kezins

    Great review btw! I would have loved Demon’s Souls, but a few things really kept me away from it once I sampled the game. Had the game included the following, I might have actually played through and given it a 9/10 myself:

    Better presentation in some areas.

    A f%$#$^g pause button. Sometimes things happen and you have to go to the bathroom or someone knocks on the door. You shouldn’t pay a huge price for that.

    More story.

    Not so punishing when you die. I do see the beauty in the difficulty of the game, but some of the difficulty really takes away from the experience in my opinion. You shouldn’t “lose practically everything you did” when you die. I’d keep combat just as tough and maybe make the game a little longer too, but the game punishes you way too much for dying.

    With that said, I might re-visit the game in the future, but just not sure. I don’t need stress in my life right now. It would be awesome to say I got a platinum with it though.

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