5 responses to “Review: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, No Venom Here”

  1. Refugee

    4 out of 10… i keep telling you young guys that games were always better in the 80’s. Take my archived article as an example http://www.perezstart.com/misc/classic-game-of-the-week/5770/

  2. Carlos Macias

    Great review. Thanks for letting me to avoid
    this pile of sh__!

  3. mzitt11

    Oh well no big deal, i didn’t like the cartoon either.

  4. Kezins

    I actually liked the game, despite some of the glaring problems. As far as vehicle controls, I had no problems. If you switch the camera to “relative” it’s much easier to figure out what you are doing. The game really reminded me of a modern Contra. If the targeting system wasn’t so bad, this could have been a really good game. It seems like they rushed it.

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