Review: God of War: Collection, Worthy of the Gods?

God of War Collection

There are simple reasons why I’ve many have claimed God of War and God of War II the top PS2 games of all time — the story and gameplay mechanics!   Thanks to Santa Monica Studios and SCEA we now have the pleasure to re-play one of our favorite PS2 collections in hi-def… For those questioning the port by Bluepoint Games from the PS2 to the PS3, don’t. They’ve done a miraculous job upgrading the graphics, sound, and kept gameplay — including the mini-games — the same. The value alone is worth going out there and getting this great 2-for-1 game at $39.99.   As we patiently wait for God of War III, did the “Collection” please the Gods?

We answer the above question with, “Of course it did!”

You begin your epic quest in God Of War I atop Mt. Olympus looking down at the crashing waters creating foam on the rocks surface. To end his suffering of pain and anguish, Kratos leaps off the mountain looking for the end. But three weeks earlier, our tale of Kratos is told in a series of flashbacks.

29937-2The games within the game. Puzzles and brainteasers within GoW keep it from becoming a stale button masher game and with that your gamer skills are tested from the start.   Special enemies and bosses will require you to be quick to the punch.  By that I mean, timed-based attacks or Quick Time Events (QTEs).  You will see an on-screen display that will require you to hit the correct button in sequence.  Hit the wrong button and you’ll have to begin the sequence again while losing health. Rememeber, GoW isn’t an openworld or sandbox game, it is indeed linear but you may retrace your footsteps in a level to advance to the next.   In a battle with the Olympus statue in God Of War II, I found myself timing my attacks in a sequence that lead me to plunge my sword in his eye.  Very satisfying.

New packaging, same great gameplay. Kratos is back. In 60 frames per second, with anti-aliased graphics and not to mention the spectacular soundtrack you’ll feel like the God of War himself. Ok, I know, kinda corny but seriously it’s truly amazing. For owners of the original God of War and God of War II, you MUST get this Collection set. For newcomers into the God of War and God of War II series, you MUST get this collection set. Did I make myself clear? The PS2 classic that has received some prestigious awards is now available on the PS3 and it’s got the PS3 Trophy’s to prove it.  Bundled on one Blu-ray disc, you’ll get GoW I, GoW II, and bonus footage of GoW II.  You’ll also receive a demo voucher for GoW III.

29937-9Blades of Chaos. There’s no question that the God of War series is a hack-n-slash action game. But God of War is the best at it. Without a long explanation, there’s something I call Fight feedback. It’s when you attack and can visually see and hear when your weapon makes contact with the enemy. Kratos wields the Blades of Chaos which are connected to his arms by chains.  You swing these blades with light attacks (square), heavy attacks (triangle) and grapple opponents in between (circle).

Cut-scenes of epic proportions. Most cut-scenes have been remastered in 720p HD quality, however I found some to be a port over from the PS2 version.  You can see evidence of the unmastered version in the first cut-scene on the stern of the boat, as the skeleton ship guards try to break through the hatch in the floor.  Not sure why Bluepoint Games left some scenes in non-HD quality but it will not ruin your gameplay experience, I promise you.   God of War II upscale is by far superior and it clearly shows.  Nearly all the cut-scenes and gameplay graphics look better than some PlayStation 3 games now available.

zeus-god-of-warGreek Gods in War. You’ll encounter many of the Greek Gods and enemies you all grew up learning in Mythology class.  Athena, Atlas, Perseus and Ares will all be seen in the “Collection.”  You’ll ride Pegasus, battle with Minotaurs and remove eye’s from Cyclops.  Did I miss anyone?  Oh yeah, Medusa.  That snake head is frightening.  Alright alright, Zeus makes an authoritative appearance as well.

Level-up your weapons. Throughout the campaign, you’ll notice three bars in the upper left hand corner.  Green is your health.  Blue is your Magic. And Red is your orb meter.  First two are self explanatory and after you collect enough Red orbs by defeating enemies and breaking anything and everything possible, you’ll use these to upgrade your various weapons including your Blades of Chaos,  Poseidon’s Rage, Medusa’s Gaze to name a few.

Casting made easy. Kratos is played none other than TC Carson from the TV show ‘Living Single’.  Michael Clarke Duncan is the deep voiced Atlas and is very fitting.  The principal from ‘Kindergarten Cop’ stars, Linda Hunt, as she voices Gaia and Narrates the series in both GoW’s.  For fans of the movie Clash of The Titans, Harry Hamlin once played Perseus and now voices the same part.

Engaging Storyline
Gameplay mechanics
Epic Boss Fights
Greek Mythology characters
Amazing Audio/Visual

Quality of certain cut-scenes
No option to switch in between GoW’s

God of War Collection

Final Thoughts: Take away my minor complaint about God of War I having visual deficiencies at times, and we have another reason why God of War Collection should be in your PS3.  The amazing symphonic soundtrack, the gameplay mechanics and engaging entertaining storylines all blend together like a V-8… Fusion that is!  Come on, who wouldn’t want to hack-n-slash or rip-n-tear double-crossing Gods in 720p.  Pffft, Zeus…  It doesn’t get any better!  Don’t defy the Gods and don’t piss off Kratos.  Get it.


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5 responses to “Review: God of War: Collection, Worthy of the Gods?”

  1. msgiggless says:

    Thanks for all this info! I am even more excited about this game. I've reserved mine for few wks now and even though I never finished playing this game when it was in PS2 I'm definitely excited to play it again in PS3!

  2. msgiggless says:

    Thanks for all this info! I am even more excited about this game. I've reserved mine for few wks now and even though I never finished playing this game when it was in PS2 I'm definitely excited to play it again in PS3!

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