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  1. Kevin

    RTTS goals unattainable? Seriously, how is doing a combo routine from fighting games easier than pitching to a single spot by hitting a button and aiming? and also I’m not sure about why it’s better that you use the analog stick to swing, if I wanted to do that I’d play golf games. I’d probably add in a judge on overall realism because in The Show you can at least tell that there’s a speed difference between a 90 MPH fastball and a 98 MPH fastball, and neither of them have an arc that reminds me of a little league pitch… other than those issues I agree completely, I think that 2k10 has better commentary by far, (something The Show drastically needs to fix) but not much else, it seems like the games might finally start pushing each other for improvements in the next couple of years at least

  2. Kevin

    I see your point, it just seems that unattainable is too strong a word in the case, but aside from what I posted earlier I think that your article is definitely dead on, kudos to you

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  5. Jay

    2k10, once again gets outclassed by MLB10. It must suck to only have a 360 and have to spend the money on that game if your a baseball fan. I have both consoles and have played both retail versions of the baseball games and there is not even a close comparison between the two. MLB 10 The Show just blows 2k10 away. I think 2k Sports should just stick to basketball….

  6. Sean

    I agree with most of this review and most of the comparisons between the Show and 2k10 except that my player is better than RTTS. Having played both games this year its fairly easy to tell that RTTS has had a headstart on my player mode in terms of years in use and development, but the mainn reason I disagree that My Player trumps RTTS is the fact that you cant even call a game and dictate pitches as a cathcer in My Player while RTTS is revolutionary in its realism of actually playing the Cathcer postion. For me, and I imagine for many others, The Show is preferable just because of the realism the game as a baseball sim. Baseball has always been the best sport to play franchise mode in and The show has every game ever beat in that department, except maybe the Baseball Mogul series. Overall The Show is the best baseball series ever with MVP Baseball running a close second.

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  8. tom beland

    I’ve had a horrible time trying to hit with the power swing. All I seem to do is foul it back. Otherwise, the My Player mode has been a blast. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to utilize the Power Swing? It’s frustrating.

  9. Aaron

    The whole thing is frustrating as hell……Graphics are awesome but I tried pitching on PC version…..it just does not make sense with a keyboard….also even though there options to use a KB, the game assumes your using a controller and says press a or b….when it means the a or b on the controller and KB “a” or “b” doesnt do anything…..it has made some HUGE advancements, but it still needs to have complex and simple pitching with a couple button presses…..not completely “you have complete control…so if you dont know the mechanics, you will never strike a guy out….”if anyone can elaborate on a simple step by step on the pitching I would apprciate it?

  10. Dustin Johnson

    I just bought the game for my laptop and I can get the game started but I cant hit or pitch. Is there a trick or do I need to get a controller?

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