Review: Modern Warfare 2: Stimulus Package (PS3)

Ok folks, I know I’m a bit late with this one, and you can thank Verizon for that, but the moment, we, on the PSN have been waiting for is finally here… Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package. Sure you 360 fan boys were able to play the new maps before we did. SO WHAT?!?

Anyways, the stimulus Package retails for 1200 Microsoft points, or $15 on the PSN. Included are 3 new maps, titled “Bailout”, “Salvage”, and “Storm.” Also, you get 2 classic maps from “Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.” Those maps are “Overgrown” and everyone’s favorite, “Crash” both revamped in HD. Your concern may be “is this really worth the hefty $15 price tag for 3 new maps?” Listen up, kiddies, and you be the judge.

Up first is Bailout (image below). Bailout is an apartment complex that’s chock-full of balconies, windows, and hallways. I’m going to go ahead and say that this map is probably a snipers dream spot. Long site lines and open spaces allow for headshots and executions from long distances, and we all know there is nothing better than hearing that headshot !DING! Inside of the complex, you will come across fully loaded gyms with dumbbells and treadmills, and also many apartments and staircases. BE AWARE that there are many dark corners in this map, so prepare for an aggravating assault from the shadows from our buddy Denis-Alen… Outside is a swimming pool without the water, good for sneak attacks to wanderers, but bad for you because it’s wide open to Snipers such as myself… !DING! Lastly, you’ll come across movie posters advertising fictitious flicks such as “The Cow: Udderly Evil” and “Magnethead,” as well as a couple of broken arcade cabinets (Pit Viper, Modern Warfare). Overall, it’s a solid map with plenty of places to take cover.

Next, we have Salvage (image below), A junk yard covered in snow, and a dog house to boot. Salvage contains a bunch of rusted cars, as well as a couple of narrow corridors that will no doubt offer a few surprises. There are plenty of hiding spots that will allow you to duck from harriers and predator missiles, unless you’re like me who takes harriers out within 10 secs of it being called in. The dog house, while being a pretty funny hiding spot, can be the worst thing you hide in. You have to crawl prone to enter, leaving yourself open to attack, and getting out isn’t as easy for the same reasoning. A nice sticky grenade will take care of that, along with the 3 other people who fit inside. But the unsuspecting map roamer won’t see it comin’.

Last of the new maps is my personal favorite, Storm (image below). Like Underpass, Storm has plenty of rain and dark corners. Being the largest of the new maps, it is a MUST PLAY for Team Deathmatch. Again, there are plenty of objects to hide behind in the warehouse such as crates and machinery, but you have to be on point and alert as there are A LOT of dark areas. To make it that much more entertaining, Infinity Ward strategically placed mannequins in dark places, and it’s easy to mistake some of them for enemies. I suggest standing still next to them for a little while with a shotgun just to see if clueless enemies pass by.

Finally, you can enjoy both Crash and Overgrown, two favorites from the original Modern Warfare. The first map takes place in a Middle Eastern city with a downed helicopter dead center; most of the action takes place around it. Overgrown, on the other hand, sports a lot of foliage. Definitely an advantage for snipers and gamers who love sneaking up behind people. There’s also a wooden bridge and gas station. Oh, and Do yourself a favor and stand clear of the pumps, since a few well-placed bullets will send the place sky high!

After my first 10 minutes playing these maps, I felt Infinity Ward did an unbelievable job. I feel the classic maps gave this map pack an edge compared to previous game map packs… It was kind of like Déjà vu while playing in “Crash”. My only peeve would be the size of the new maps. As my buddy Jomocpa once commented on a World at War map pack, these maps seem a little too large to enjoy to their fullest extent. But even then, they are great maps. I believe that everyone who enjoys playing MW2 will find something they can love in these maps. Is it worth the price tag? You have to decide for yourself…

With the announcement of the MW2 Resurgence Pack, I can appreciate that IW and Activision are striving to keep this game new. The thought of “Vacant” and “Strike” making their glorious return made my pants wet! And new to the pack are “Carnival” “Fuel” and “Trailer Park” which all look AMAZING! Keep up the GREAT work, fellas! (By the way, let’s see some Chinatown/Countdown/Wet Work action!)

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  1. Really excited on this and I can finally got it this weekend. Atlast they launched the game for 360 with new added maps and based on your post I think the $15 will be worth it.

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