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  1. Refugee

    Excellent and very thorough review! For a die hard Beatles fan like myself, this game really brings home the realism and accuracy that we expected. My only issue is the song selection and quantity of songs included. I feel they should have included more titles, especially more of their hits to the game. Paying the full $60 plus tax should include at least twice as many titles!

    It also should have included a viewer mode, where one can watch the performances and not have to worry about the dreaded green/orange combination buttons on the guitar.

  2. Mike Zeidlr

    Can you just sing the backing vocals, with the game taking the lead?

  3. jennifer safanova

    I have to say the game is pretty, pretty addictive. I loved it and I would not say that I am a die hard Beatles fan but grew up with them and enjoy them just the same. Even a non hardcore fan could enjoy this or not even a fan at all. Their songs surpassed time and come on even Target uses their library. Hello Hellooooo.

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