Review: The Shoot

For those of you who received a PlayStation Move for Christmas (Napolean Dynamite voice.. Lucky…) and looking for a great reason to practice your shooting skills, ‘The Shoot’ is it. The title is a play on words just like PerezStart so you can see why we think it’s clever.  Taking place in a Hollywood Studio, ‘The Shoot’ tests your accuracy all while you act out as the Star of the movie shooting wooden cutouts like those found in carnivals.  Will you be the “Last Action Hero” thanks to the developers Cohort Studios?

Rail shooters, just follow the tracks. You don’t need to know where to go, just point and shoot. With games that are rail shooters, you’re taken from level to level with one clear objective. Shoot anything that moves!  Well, almost everything… The Shoot is no different when it comes to that but it does offer some of the most “fun” I’ll have on the PS3.  The enemies are a bunch of props on a destructible movie set cut out from plywood.  As you make your way through each enemy, you’ll notice a multiplier for each consecutive kill.  Headshots take one shot, everywhere else takes more.  Shoot and miss an enemy and that multiplier gets cut in half.  Don’t miss!

Scene it, shoot it. All the scenes that make up this “movie” are on target.  One of the first scenes takes place in the wild west and your the gunman trying to bring back peace to this dusty wasteland.  Other scenes include; sci-fi scene, mob men, monsters and an underwater scene. Depending where you shoot the enemy you will gain additional points for headshots but will get penalized when you shoot a friend.  So keep your gun close to you because you’ll lose a take after so many miscues.  The clapboards represent your lives.  Get shot enough or anger the Director enough, and you’ll lose a take.  Remember, you’re trying to keep the Director happy.  You’ll see his meter fill up in the upper right corner.

Perks keep you going. I mentioned before you’ll want to shoot enemies in a row to build up your multiplier but also for hit streak’s that will get special moves.  After shooting five enemies successful in sequence you will acquire a showtime that slows down time.  To activate you’ll have to spin in a circle.  I found that spinning the PlayStaion Move in a swirl around my head kept me focused on the screen, less dizzy and ready to shoot.  The second special attack is shockwave.  It will blow up anything on the screen and to perform that task you must shoot your weapon towards the floor.  The third attack is rampage.  You control a machine gun that unloads a continuous amount of bullets as you keep the trigger pulled and rack up some serious points.  Shoot the PS Move over your head to activate that one.  <pew> <pew>

Reload?  RELOAD?? You may have noticed I have not mentioned reloading your weapon.  While other rail shooters have you reload by shooting your gun off-screen or pressing a button on the remote, The Shoot ignores that and keeps the action going uninterrupted.  I found this decision to be an aggressive one but not reasonable.  Most shooters involve timely action and with unlimited bullets, the strategy aspect went missing.  Great for beginners, not for shooter veterans.

Shooting attachment is a must! If you pick up The Shoot, it’s worth to pick up Sony’s PlayStation Move Shooting attachment.  It’s a very well built handgun that comes with a trigger.  The trigger is easy enough to pull and is responsive on-screen.  The PS Move fits snugly inside and allows the lanyard to fit out the back.  Very well made and worth owning if you enjoy some realism in your shooter games. Calibration of your gun is done as you start the game.  If at anytime, the gun is off it’s mark you can simply re-calibrate by pausing the game and follow the on-screen instructions.

Final Thought: Overall, I really enjoyed The Shoot.  I felt that while the game was short, it offered a fresh take at the PlayStation Move bundle.  Not every shooter game should be as serious as Call of Duty, so ‘The Shoot’ allows you to pick it up, shoot to kill, and really take aim.  The days of Duck Hunt and Hogan’s Alley are behind us, now it’s only a matter of time before Marty travels to the Future and gets a round of Wild Gunman in to show a young Elijah Wood a thing or two.  Another ‘Back To The Future’ reference.. I’m good!


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