Review: Virtua Tennis 2009

Roger Federer

Wimbledon 2008 was phenomenal —  Roger Federer against Rafael Nadal in one of the best matches ever played.  Wimbledon 2009 was just as exciting — Roger Federer versus Andy Roddick in one of the longest matches played.  Federer picked up 15th Grand Slam.  The upcoming venue at the US Open 2009 in Flushing, NY will sure to be epic as 2009 is seeing greater audiences at stadiums as well as on TV.

As a tennis player, I thrive at any occasion to pick up a racket and smash serves down the line or volley countless times until I get the point.  So you can imagine how I take my personal dedication onto the Virtua Tennis series.  I haven’t played them all, but Virtua Tennis on the Dreamcast got me started.  So in my review, I’ll break down my “Likes” and “Dislikes”.  And be gentle, it’s my first review!

+ I can customize the player from the shape of their face to eyebrow
to cheek bones, etc. It’s just like Wii! I like the fact that I can customize not
only their face and body but also there are multiple choices for the
way you hit your forehand, backhand and your posture. It’s alot of fun
because when I used to play tennis I’m always ducking and twisting my
racket as I wait for my opponent to serve and they had just that as a
choice 🙂

+ I think it’s so cool that by winning more game/tournament, you earn
points (money in the game) and buy your own equipments and gears, etc.
It’s more realistic because in the real world the more you win the more
money you get.  cha ching!

+ Stamina plays an intrical part of VT2009.  As much as you’d love to get out
and play, you have to watch your Stamina meter. The more mini-games
you play or tournaments you compete in your Stamina will drop. This adds
realism to the game and requires your player to rest by either taking a week
vacation or suffer a nasty injury that could sideline you for days or weeks.


+ It’s alot of fun being able to play in tournaments against unknown
players and you actually start from the bottom and work yourself up
like in real tennis. (According from other reviews I read, the
previous viftua tennis’ were not realistic because you get to play with
seeded players right away.)

+ I like the fact that you start off to an amateur tour then to the
junior and then to the challenger series before you officially go to
pro which is what they do in real tennis. I read that it’s the first
time in the VT series that it starts off this way so this is a good
add on!

+ The players can run faster also! When I played the demo for Top Spin
3, the players were so slow so i always missed the balls! it was
really annoying! This has a good feel to it. Plus the crowd is in 3D
(I guess it wasn’t before from what i read) and before every match the
camera pans over the stadium which gives you a feeling that you are
really playing on a center court.

+ The ranking of it is slow even though you’ve won many tournaments
and some people are annoyed by it but I don’t really mind it. It makes
me want to win more so I can get ranked up there! If the ranking was
too easy then it would be boring!


+ It’s pretty neat that you can play all over the world in multiplayer
under “Network”. Although I tried few times but it was hard to get
someone to play with.   But when I did, the challengers varied but
I took care of them.

+ This is definitely alot more fun playing with other people. It
spices it up than playing single. I don’t mind it because i love
tennis but i can totally see other people get bored with this game
after a little while.

+ There’s so many choices for courts.  From the Paris to Melbourne.  I love it!

When I was customizing my player, there was no Asian face! Even
though I can customize the eyes, it still doesn’t look Asian : ( it
wasn’t as detailed as I would like it to be. I expected a much better
graphic from a PS3 game but I’m not really sure how the old one
looked like so I’m sure this is an upgrade.

I don’t like the fact that they won’t allow you to play a full set!
when you get up to 2pts you win the game right away! It doesn’t even
allow you to have a 2nd set. If I was down to 0 and my opponent scored
2 games I would like to have the option of fighting back and winning
the game. So this part in NOT realistic at all!

It doesn’t show your serves mph! The older games had that.

In the end, what you get with Virtua Tennis 2009 is a great tennis game that allows various types of customization.  Clothing, tennis style, and facial types were fun to play with.  Although, online play isn’t it’s strongest point, single player kept me entertained for hours.  Did I mention it comes with PS3 Trophies and Xbox 360 Achievements?  If you’ve loved the previous versions, you’re going to enjoy Virtua Tennis 2009.



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