Rumor: Crysis 2 (PS3) Runs Sub-HD

Crysis was an amazing PC game that was a visual masterpiece.  I’ve been expecting Crysis 2 to be a beast on the PS3, but there are rumors floating out there that it’s actually running at sub-HD levels.  According to GamersMint, it’s only running at 1024*720 resolution.  That’s very surprising news considering we’ve always heard that Crysis 2 would be taking near full advantage of PS3 capabilities.  One has to wonder if they held back on aspects of the game because of the Xbox 360 which is not quite as powerful as the PS3 overall.  At this point, I’m not sure if the 1024*720 resolution rumor will actually be true, but it’s popping up all over the internet.  Despite this possible news, everything we’ve seen so far on Crysis 2 indicates that it will be an awesome game.   From all the videos released on it (so far), it looks like the framerate runs smooth and the action looks intense.  Crysis 2 is schedule for a March 22 release.  We can’t wait!

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