Rumor: Harmonize with Beatles Rock Band, Me-he-he-haah


Right when you think “Beatles coming to Rock Band” is a great idea for all the hippy soccer moms, news breaks out that harmonizing within the game may be possible.  In May’s issue of Game Informer, a rumor suggesting that multiple microphones will be used to sing along with the Fab Four.  This opens the game to a whole new level.  Especially for those who prefer belting out a tune, when clearly they should be belted.

Harmonizing with friends would finally make ‘Beatles Rock Band’ a respectable purchase for singers.  John Lennon and Paul McCartney were known for their harmonized songs and if Beatles Rock Band can recreate that, they’ll have themselves a winner.

Some track I’d like to see harmonized are:

“If I Fell”


“Day Tripper”

“Eight Days A Week”

“In My Life”

What songs would you like to see?

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Readers Comments (10)

  1. Oh my, I can imagine the numerous amounts of Beatles Rock Band parties will be held in my house. It will pretty awesome to sing along to songs I know all the words too!

  2. As far as songs go

    If I fell


    I Want You (She’s So Heavy)

    All my Loving

    Yesterday and much more

  3. This is going to be a great release! too much attention has been given to solo singing, harmonizing is the way to go. What better way to start off, then with the Beatles!

    Songs to include:

    Obla Di, Obla Da
    Paperback Writer
    Eleanor Rigby
    Two of Us

  4. You got that off with the “Me he he haah” in the title! It got me a little nostalgic.

  5. @babylinda
    Oh yeah? Without looking what’s the last word in “If I Fell”

    You sure ALL those songs listed have Harmony?

    I thought that would attract some viewers 😉

  6. @mrjuandrful
    well some of the lyrics are not harmonized from the beginning to the end, but the chorus has nice harmony there… Wiseguy!

  7. @babylinda That was also the first song BB serenaded me at a karaoke bar

  8. babylinda :

    @mrjuandrful YOU

    Cheater, you looked it up. Or sang it in your head then looked it up…

    babylinda :

    @babylinda That was also the first song BB serenaded me at a karaoke bar

    Without Harmony? (shakes head)

  9. @mrjuandrful

    Dude I was raised on the Beatles, my dad only let me hear the beatles as a kid no radio!

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