Rumor: Killzone 2 DLC Will Be Free, Save your money


According to the Forums, the upcoming Killzone 2 DLC will be… FREE!  No official word out yet, but on the forums it mentions that come April 30th the expansion pack will be available for free on the PlayStation Network.  Killzone 2 has been well received by PS3 fans of FPS.

The upcoming expansion pack for Killzone 2, named ‘Steel & Titanium Pack’ will feature two new multiplayer maps..  The first one is Wasteland Bullet, which takes place on a couple of trains, and the other is Vekta Cruiser.

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that first person shooter Killzone 2 new multiplayer game fields receive. The expansion in the Netherlands made PlayStation 3 game from April 30th for free download.

We’ll keep you updated on whether the Killzone 2 DLC ‘Steel & Titanium’ will indeed be free.


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