Rumor: MegaMan 9 to Support Rumble!!!

It looks like our facility has been hit with a MegaTruck (megaman cartoon lingo). We have received a trustworthy tip that MegaMan 9 WILL support rumble on 2 systems, possibly the third. To protect the victim we have replaced his name with MM9.

“…the support of rumble is something we’ve been working on since all 3 consoles now support vibration controllers. For now, we see the Wii, and Xbox 360 incorporating rumble. The Playstation3 is a possibility…

Great job on the site,


We’re pretty excited that she/he mentioned the PS3 as a possibilty. Until we hear an Official Public confirmation, we’re stashing this in our “most likely true, rumor bin”.

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  1. I’d say this looks likely

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