Rumor: Mortal Kombat’s Roster Leaked

Most impressive. If you fancy a tight seal on all your upcoming MK opponents, don’t keep reading. If you don’t care and need to know who makes up the roster, then you’ve come to the right place. The final roster for Mortal Kombat has been leaked by the fine folks at NeoGaf. Please find the roster listed below and match them up with the image above.

Scorpion – Liu Kang – Kung Lao – Sub-Zero

Sindel – Ermac – Reptile – Kitana

Johnny Cage – Jade – Mileena – Nightwolf

Cyrax – Noob Saibot – Smoke – Sektor

Sonya – Jax – Kano – Stryker

Shang Tsung – Baraka – Kabal – Raiden

Extras/DLC – Sheeva – Quan Chi – Extras/DLC

“Cyber Sub-Zero” and Kratos seem to be on the Extras/DLC slot.


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